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Stroke Awareness Oregon

Stroke Awareness Oregon

“Everyday when I get dressed, I realize how different my life could have been if I had gotten to the hospital sooner.”
Lawnae Hunter
SAO Founder & Stroke Survivor






Let’s Talk About Stroke!

January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!

As we enter the New Year, we all pause to reflect on the past year.  For Stroke Awareness Oregon, we have so much to celebrate and think about.

It was December 26, 2017 at 8:00 a.m. when our founders, Lawnae Hunter and Dr. Steve Goins, conceived the idea of a non profit called Stroke Awareness Oregon or SAO.  It was a bold idea to start another non-profit in Central Oregon but the need was so compelling, Lawnae and Steve jumped in with both feet and a ton of passion.  Their vision — to save lives and improve quality of life.

One in six people experience a stroke in their life-time.  Stroke is the #5 cause of death in Oregon and the leading cause of disability, globally.  With the focus on diminishing the heart ache and loss of these numbers, SAO was formed.  Since achieving the  501 (c) 3 status, our dedicated Board of Directors, staff  and volunteers have already made a difference.  During the November, 2018 F.A.S.T. Awareness campaign, over 2,000 posters and flyers were distributed throughout Central Oregon.  We have wonderful support from Horizon Broadcasting Group and Combined Communication for the campaign as well as much help from The Source.  Our message reached throughout the region via local newspapers and word of mouth.   Currently, our Board and volunteers are conducting a stroke survivor survey so we understand the experiences and needs of survivors and families.  This will lead to the publication of a Resource Directory partially sponsored by Deschutes County Board of Commissioners.

Other activities include co-facilitation of the monthly stroke survivor support group with an eye on beginning a stroke caregiver support group in early spring, grant applications to support SAO education projects and a speakers bureau to educate groups about stroke.    We are also very excited about our first fundraising event schedule for April 30, 2019 featuring actress, script writer and stroke survivor Diane Barnes.  Ms. Barnes performs her one-woman play entitled “My Stroke of Luck”, a funny, poignant and uplifting view into the experiences, grief and life of a stroke survivor.  A silent auction, appetizer and beverages are planned before the event.

Stroke Awareness Oregon has so much for which it is grateful including the many donors and friends of our work.  Special thanks to Central Oregon Radiology Associates as our first major contributor and all those who have supported our work.  If you wish to help, please contact us.  We need you!

Warm Regards,
Carol Stiles, Executive Director
541 322-5641` ext 347

Stroke Awareness Oregon, a community based nonprofit serving the Central Oregon area exists to make a difference in stroke outcomes and recovery. Our Board and Volunteers work to increase awareness about the importance of identifying stroke symptoms and getting immediate help. We also strive to increase understanding about stroke prevention and how stroke survivors and caregivers can receive support for a full, post-stroke life.

  • Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke in the U.S.
  • Stroke is the number five cause of death in Oregon.
  • One in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime! It could be YOU or someone you love.

Read about Board President Dr. Steve Goins’ fundraising bike ride…

Our Board President, Dr. Steve Goins, undertook a 600 mile bike ride through Oregon, from Idaho to the Pacific Ocean, as a fundraiser and public awareness campaign for Stroke Awareness Oregon (SAO). Read about it here.

Ways to Support the Campaign

Share the stroke Emotional Support Infographic to highlight and learn about recovery resources to support your emotional well being post stroke. Download and share Caregiver Resources to help you and/or your loved ones through the care-giving journey.


OSU-Cascades Offers free counseling – to members of the community.  If you are interested, go to the web link for information about the OSU-Cascades Counseling Clinic:

Interested clients can submit a web contact form or call us. Someone will get back to them after the first of the year. The clinic is open according to the academic calendar, and counseling is free to anyone age 14 and older in the community.


Now Available – Stroke Resource Guide Survey

Join the Support Network

Connect with other stroke survivors and caregivers, share your story and more.  Recognize your family caregiver by nominating him/her as a Stroke Hero on ASA’s Facebook page.  Post inspirational messages within your social community to recognize and appreciate the many caregivers across the nation.  If you’re a healthcare professional or provider, you can also use our resources available on the Stroke Resource Center to help educate your staff, patients and community about stroke.


The important question… Why get involved?

  • As of 2017, stroke is the number five cause of death in Oregon alone!
  • In 2014, nearly 8,000 people were hospitalized for stroke in Oregon, with an estimated cost of $146 million for hospital care. Total cost is $34 billion per year nationally.
  • Stroke is the greatest cause of disability on earth.
  • Stroke strikes anyone regardless of age or gender — even infants!

Please join us as we work to change these statistics and improve the health and well-being of our community.  Please look for our up coming events and meetings here.

Join us to make a difference!

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