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Stroke Awareness Oregon

“Everyday when I get dressed, I realize how different my life could have been if I had gotten to the hospital sooner.”
Lawnae Hunter
SAO Co-Founder & Stroke Survivor

June is National Aphasia & Dysphagia Awareness Month

June is a month dedicated to celebrating awareness and education of two common stroke side effects, aphasia and dysphagia. Dysphagia (dis-fay-juh) describes difficulty or discomfort swallowing. Over 50% of stroke survivors experience dysphagia. Read more about dysphagia.
Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person’s ability to process language, but does not affect intelligence.
Aphasia is an impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. Aphasia is always due to injury to the brain-most commonly from a stroke, particularly in older individuals. Learn more about aphasia.

Thank you for donating on Giving Tuesday Now!

SAO is thankful for the work done by Giving Tuesday Now, a global movement for nonprofits. Like many other nonprofit organizations, all of our May events were postponed and put a financial strain on Stroke Awareness Oregon. We are thankful for each and every donation received, including the $5000 matching funds.
Thanks to your generosity, we raised a total of $5,726.24, that means we surpassed our goal, for a total of $10,726.24, including the matching funds.
As a result of donations, SAO will continue to make F.A.S.T. a household word. We can also continue to support, encourage and provide resources to stroke survivors, their caregivers and families while they are feeling isolated. Stroke survivors already face social isolation, so now more than ever the support groups help ease that struggle. Simply go to our calendar information for joining an online Zoom meeting.

Recognize Stroke and Act F.A.S.T. – SAO Works with Area Wellness Providers


SAO has partnered with local wellness providers; St. Charles Health Systems, CORA, High Lakes Medical, Oregon Vascular Specialists and Bend Fire – in creating the above 4:00 minute video that discusses the seriousness of stroke, how to recognize and what to do F.A.S.T. Thank you to all our media partners.

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About Stroke Awareness Oregon

Stroke Awareness Oregon, a community based nonprofit serving the Central Oregon area – exists to make a difference in stroke outcomes and recovery. Our Board and Volunteers work to increase awareness about the importance of identifying stroke symptoms and getting immediate help. We also strive to increase understanding about stroke prevention and how stroke survivors and caregivers can receive support for a full, post-stroke life.

  • Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke in the U.S.
  • Stroke is the number five cause of death in Oregon.
  • One in six people will have a stroke in their lifetime! It could be YOU or someone you love. Here are a couple articles we strongly recommend you read.
  • Are you a service club member or business? – would you like to schedule an informative presentation – click here for more information, read what others have said and schedule a date.

Participate In Support Groups

One of the most important services Stroke Awareness Oregon offers is an opportunity for stroke survivors and their support systems to participate in support groups on a regular basis. We currently have a Stroke Support Group, a Caregivers Support Group and a Men’s Support Group. Information is on our calendar about dates and times of the meetings as well as the up-to-date link for the online meeting group. Please go to our calendar here to learn more about each group.

Affiliate of AirMedCare (Airlink)

Benefit SAO and protect your household by enrolling in an AirLink Critical Care Transport Membership using GET CODE 11674. For SAO to get a 12% donation,  please go HERE to learn more.

The important question… Why get involved?

  • As of 2017, stroke is the number five cause of death in Oregon alone!
  • In 2014, nearly 8,000 people were hospitalized for stroke in Oregon, with an estimated cost of $146 million for hospital care. Total cost is $34 billion per year nationally.
  • Stroke is the greatest cause of disability on earth.
  • Stroke strikes anyone regardless of age or gender — even infants!

Please join us as we work to change these statistics and improve the health and well-being of our community.  Please look for our up coming events and meetings.

Join us to make a difference!

Thank you to our Sponsors for their support


Local Boyscout James Nelson completes his Eagle Scout project by organizing and distributing 2,500 mini-posters throughout Central Oregon, click here to read his story (in his words).

OPB features Geoff Babb, Bend’s inventor of AdvenChair.  Click here to read and listen to this inspiring story.

It was a pleasure to have Ted Baxter here in Central Oregon – if you missed any of his events, see a presentation HERE on Facebook or HERE on YouTube.

MCM Grant Awarded for Stroke Support Social Events – SAO received a grant from the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund in 2019 to help start their support groups for stroke survivors and caregivers.