We’re here to work alongside Stroke Awareness Oregon and help stroke survivors for strength through their recovery!

Going through a stroke is not an easy or comforting situation. You feel like no one understands you. There is a time period in which you are healing and don’t make progress as quickly as you would like. Often, we can make progress much more quickly just by knowing it’s possible.


We offer the BASE Program which is a 15 module training course that walks you through: Belief, Attitude, Strength, and Energy!


Additionally, our team offers a mentoring program where we help you identify and make the changes necessary for your growth. As you progress, new barriers and obstacles will arise. We will make adjustments along the way to keep you moving forward.

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Stroke Awareness Oregon proudly endorses Strength After Stroke as they:

  • Support the housing of stroke survivors and their families
  • Help our team teach the community of the displaying signs of stroke!

Learn more at: strengthafterstroke.com

Strength After Stroke
Keith Taylor, Owner