It was the night of December 28th, 2014, when Kim was surrounded by her friends and family during a get together. She was meeting to help them work through a hard event they were dealing with and helping them find ways to cope. Kim began to experience pain in her head, not thinking too much of it, she asked for Advil hoping that the pain would go away. As the pain remained, she excused herself and went upstairs to meditate, hoping to relieve the pain. She made her way back downstairs, but at this point 45 minutes had passed she felt pain in her head. She then felt “the life drain out of the left side of her body”. They rushed her to the hospital where doctors had informed her that she had experienced a stroke. Supported by her husband and daughter, they took the situation and made it one to smile over. They decided that there was no need to be sad, and to smile and laugh through this new abrupt change in their life style.

She has spent every day since her stroke working as hard as she can to improve her strength and live a healthy lifestyle. She has taken what she has gone through and put her knowledge and new found ideas and tips into helping others recover. She is very involved with her community and is constantly giving back, whether it be helping her fellow stroke survivors learn new exercises, teaching piano, or singing to students on the weekend. Her top goal, which she has achieved, is a book she has written about her life and all the obstacles she has had to overcome, including the stroke. All although she has been through a lot, she is well known for her positive attitude and encouraging personality and the ability she has to help others in their time of need.