Stroke Resource Guide Survey



Stroke Resource Guide Survey Questions

Stroke Awareness Oregon a nonprofit, is dedicated to increasing community awareness and action about stroke. To Support this goal, we must better understand the needs of our Community members touched by a stroke.

Your anonymous responses will be used to help identify needs in our community and build a stroke resource guide that will be available to help all patients and families to maximize their recovery.  Click here  Stroke Resource Guide Survey Questions


Ways to Support the Campaign

Share the stroke Emotional Support Infographic to highlight and learn about recovery resources to support your emotional well being post stroke. Download and share Caregiver Resources to help you and/or your loved ones through the care-giving journey.


Join the Support Network

Connect with other stroke survivors and caregivers, share your story and more.  Recognize your family caregiver by nominating him/her as a Stroke Hero on ASA’s Facebook page.  Post inspirational messages within your social community to recognize and appreciate the many caregivers across the nation.  If you’re a healthcare professional or provider, you can also use our resources available on the Stroke Resource Center to help educate your staff, patients and community about stroke.