Steve’s Bike Ride — Its not too late to make your pledge…

Our Board President, Dr. Steve Goins, undertook a 600 mile bike ride through Oregon, from Idaho to the Pacific Ocean, as a fundraiser and public awareness campaign for Stroke Awareness Oregon (SAO). He battled strong headwinds riding up Stinkingwater and Drinkingwater Passes, brutal heat and the varied Oregon terrain. His challenge was to obtain pledges of $.10 (ten cents) per mile to support the work of SAO. Funds from his ride will print posters for the November 5-9 F.A.S.T. Awareness Campaign and the Recovery Resource Guide targeted for 2019.

Here are excerpts from his “Steve’s Bike Ride” log.

Day One: Started in Fruitland, Idaho and rode over the river into Ontario, Oregon. The ride through farmland around Vale was lovely. Then I got hit by a steady headwind, dropping my speed from 14-22 mph to 8-12 mph. None of this would be possible without my incredible wife, Catherine.

Day Three: We are learning how to deal with the strong west wind — just start early in the morning. I get about five hours in before the wind starts, but no regrets about going east-to-west. That’s the way the Oregon Trail Pioneers came. I’ve been teaching F.A.S.T. along the way. Eastern Oregon citizens are so remote. I hope F.A.S.T. will make a difference.

Day Five: I have biked over 280 miles and am back in Bend for a few days before heading for the coast. I cruised the last 49 miles with Rage Against The Machine blasting through my ear buds. Today I wore my SAO Jersey. This trip is about Stroke Awareness Oregon.

Days Six and Seven: I biked from Bend across McKenzie Pass and then to Vida. It was a long, fun push up to McKenzie Pass and then a crazy fast decent down the other side to the Valley. The harsh winds of the high desert are now past. Tomorrow I bike to Blachly and begin the final ride to the Pacific.

Day Eight: Made it to Blachly and had been worried about the steepness of Low Pass. The name must have been a joke for the covered wagons, Model Ts or bicycles. It should be called Very Steep Pass.

Day Ten: Today my great friend, Harold and I finished the final 51 miles to the Pacific. This has been a wonderful trip. It gave me uninterrupted time with my wife, the best way to see the incredible, jaw dropping beauty of Oregon, and time to contemplate the significance of Stroke Awareness Oregon. I was reminded of the importance of SAO’s mission to fight stroke, the number five cause of death in Oregon. I feel fortunate beyond words that I have been shown all of this and given the opportunity to lead SAO in its purpose. Thank you for your support.

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