STROKE IS A BRAIN ATTACK!  If you think you or someone you love is having a stroke, CALL 9-1-1 NOW!


Pamela of Bend Oregon was in Palm desert on January 1st of 2017 when she suffered from a severe stroke. Her clot was so big it made it difficult to treat and it left Pamela with lack of mobility to one side of her body. She worked very hard every day putting effort into her recovery, spending three hours a day on physical therapy, occupational therapy, as well as speech therapy. After spending some time in the hospital and focusing on recovering in Palm Desert, she made her way to Bend Oregon to continue her journey.

Before the stroke Pamela was an avid golfer and is still to this day very passionate about cooking. She is also a participant in her local stroke awareness group who get together once a month to help build each other up and share tips and ideas on what is working for them through this long process. Pamela enjoys the group in part that the conversations held among everyone helps strengthen her speech skills. One of Pamela’s greatest achievements was shown during this group meeting. Pamela was wheeled into the conference center where everyone was gathered. As they went around the room introducing each other and sharing tips and food for thought, Pamela announced that she had something to show the group. She pushed herself away from the table and in front of the group that has supported her since day one, she stood up all on her own. The room went silent for a split second as goosebumps ran down everyone’s arms. The whole room cheered her on and rejoiced in the astonishing progress she has mad since she had her stroke.

Now that she is working on standing up by herself, she has made it a goal to be able to stand up long enough to get back into the kitchen and do what she loves most, cooking. As she continues to practice and become stronger, she is surrounded by her lovely friends, husband, and a cat who loves her more than anything.

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