SAO Staff Members

We Are Here To Help, No matter how stroke affects your life it is a difficult thing to work through. Our mission is fulfilled through partnerships with volunteers, donors, businesses, and the medical community. If you would like to get involved or volunteer please send us an e-mail or call 541-323-5641


Rick HansenChief Financial Officer 

Rick helps business owners by providing financial services and useful advice. Those services include bookkeeping, accounting, sales, HR, legal, and virtual CFO expertise. In our ever-evolving business atmosphere, the path through those challenges is rarely clear, and certainly not easy. It requires creativity, persistence, and some useful knowledge and experience on your side.

He loves the outdoors…whether he is mountain biking, hiking, climbing mountains, skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, zip lining, or getting lost in the woods…the many challenges and outright beauty that the outdoors gives us is what puts me in a happy and healthy state of mind. I also enjoy staying fit and participating and developing intense workouts (often pushing myself to the extreme point of near failure). The personal growth that comes from pushing yourself to uncomfortable extremes is unmatched. It expands your boundaries as you constantly test your limits. It brings me joy to push myself in this manner, even though the suffering. It’s a journey worthy of pursuit.

“The lessons I learn from my struggles and failures with fitness and the outdoors carryover and help me with the professional satisfaction I get from helping people and businesses push through difficult times and tasks.”