A Fire ecologist of Bend Oregon, Geoff Babb’s, was going about his Thursday just like any other day. It was November 10th, 2005 when Geoff began experiencing flu like symptoms. Thinking he might have caught the bug when he was in Louisiana for work, he didn’t give it much thought. As the flu like symptoms continued, his words began to slur and he knew he needed to go to the hospital. He got to the hospital and was put on a respirator due to the near-fatal brain stem stroke he had experienced. Brain stem strokes, unlike most strokes, effects all four limbs on your body instead of just a certain side.

Before his stroke, Geoff was an avid back-packer, mountain biker, and climber. He knew that just because he had experienced this stroke, he wasn’t going to let it take away his time he spent in the outdoors. But as he ventured out into nature, he quickly realized it was difficult to get off the beaten path in his wheel chair. It was then he, and his family, and friends decided to create a wheelchair that would help individuals be able to go out and enjoy the wilderness with easier access and mobility.

As he spent time creating what is now called the “Advenchair,” he unfortunately suffered a second brain stem stroke, exactly 12 years later on November 10th, 2017. Even though all thought it was a set back to him, he is still working very hard to get his Advenchair worldwide in order to help others who suffer from injuries or other issues causing them lack of mobility to get back out there and do the things they love the most, with the people who love them.


“Using a wheelchair has not dimmed my pursuit of challenges; it’s only made me change the ways that I experience them.” -Geoff