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Expanding Your Health Span After Stroke:

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Friday, January 27th. 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST


Mike Studer



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Mike Studer

Learn more about our featured speaker and his passion for the stroke community through his TedxSalem Talk below!

Just Say Yes to Life!

Our Amazon Best Selling Novel is making an incredible impact for hope in the stroke world at an international level!


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Who Is Mike Studer?

An exclusive speaker covering all 50 states, 9 countries, and 3 continents speaking on topics ranging from cognition and psychology in rehabilitation, aging, stroke, motor learning, motivation in rehabilitation, balance, dizziness, neuropathy and Parkinson Disease. Dr. Studer is an adjunct professor at Oregon State University’s DPT program in Bend, Oregon, where he leads the coursework on motor control and assists the National Network of Neurologic PT residencies. Former VP of the Academy of Neurologic PT, recipient of multiple state and national awards. TEDx speaker. Author of over 35 articles, 6 book chapters, and routinely has clinical research projects in affiliation with of many universities.

Just Say Yes to Life!

In Just Say “Yes” to Life, Vol. 1, a collection of stories about surviving and thriving after stroke, people from all over the U.S. tell it like it is about the tragedies and triumphs they experienced after stroke. They speak with candor about their worst days, their grit and resilience, and the profound contentment and unexpected bursts of enthusiasm they feel for life today.
Written to give solace to current survivors, the 26 stories in Just Say “Yes” to Life! detail how these survivors coped, and which therapies helped them most. Readers will be inspired by a Bend teenager who rebounded well enough to enroll in college a few years after his stroke, a Bay-area physician who reinvented herself as a writer and performer, and a Bend forester who created a chair the world’s never seen before, one that allows those who use wheelchairs to navigate rugged wilderness terrain.

The Foreword to ``Just Say 'Yes' to Life!``

“The human brain is plastic and malleable to the extent that, when certain conditions are met, recovery can continue for more than five years after a stroke. These conditions are quite clear and the science around them is becoming more well-defined every year. Included in the recovery criteria are the motivation to recover, the support to do so safely, medical stability supporting higher intensity exercise, and a proficient rehabilitative team that can both design interventions and measure the results. Early in the study of neuroscience, we felt that recovery could not continue after the first three months. This was later advanced to six months and later to one year. We now know, however, that with more precise imaging and more personalized rehabilitation, the brain continues to respond in a “demand and supply” manner. If your brain sees a reachable goal (demand), it will do everything possible to reorganize (supply) the changes needed to accomplish this through neuroplasticity.” 


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