Stroke Education

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Before you’re affected by stroke our goal is to educate families and businesses on the key elements of stroke prevention remember to think F.A.S.T.

Stroke Awareness Oregon has multiple educational resources from books to videos. If you’d be interested in our team giving your business or group a presentation, reach out to Ben Ritt so we can get it scheduled!

Lending Library

Stroke Awareness Oregon has its own lending library hosted by Sheri Terry. If you’re interested in either checking a book out, or donating one for others to use, please contact Sheri who would be more than happy to find the right book you’re looking for!

Stroke Discharge Packet

Our Discharge Packet was created to minimize the gap that stroke survivors, and their families, encounter from their time in medical hands to stepping back into the community. This entire piece contains information that informs you about the different types of strokes, what you’ll be experiencing as you heals, provides stroke resources, and overall gives you the support you need to live a holistic life once again.

Stroke 101

Stroke Awareness Oregon is happy to let you know we offer Stroke 101! This presentation will be provided to anyone in the public interested in learning more about stroke. 

101 Description: Stroke is the 4th leading killer in the United States and the leading cause of disability worldwide.  Yet, many of us know little about stroke and those who experience a stroke are oftentimes ashamed to talk about it.  The truth is, we can no longer avoid the subject.   It is true that the majority of strokes happen in  younger adults.  Even teens and infants  experience the brain attack called stroke.  While 80% of strokes are preventable, many do not know understand what is a stroke, how to prevent a stroke or what to do if your loved one has stroke symptoms.


We have the solution!  Stroke 101, a 15 minute video created by Stroke Awareness Oregon, is now available for your service group, church or business.  Designed specifically for the non-medical person but with medically approved information, Stroke 101 will walk you through relevant and educational information about stroke, causes, prevention, treatment and how to react if you see someone experiencing a stroke.


Available at no cost, Stroke 101 is available via Zoom with a trained presenter for Q & A, in person at your group or training meeting with a presenter for Q & A or simply on loan to you for a week so your people can view it at their leisure.


To learn more and to schedule your Stroke 101 presentation, contact Ben Ritt, Outreach Coordinator  at Stroke Awareness Oregon. (503) 453-4247, 

Stroke Support Groups

Our organization has numerous support groups that provide you with the understanding, trust, and commitment for the ongoing steps within recovery.