Comfort Keepers Giving the Gift of Respite Care

Comfort Keepers, a local organization that offers in-home respite care, recently notified Ruth Shilling of Stroke Awareness Oregon they would be gifting four families recommended by the nonprofit with respite care this holiday season. 

Stroke survivors are often cared for by immediate or extended family members who might find it difficult to find options for respite time, especially around the holidays to go shopping for parties and gifts, or to clean their house in preparation for guests coming over. This is a special gift during this time of the year. 

Comfort Keepers works closely with caregivers to ensure each person’s needs are met. When working with a new household, they do a thorough evaluation of the client’s needs and can provide services such as cleaning, meal preparation, a human connection, and much more to assist the caregiver so they can take time for their own needs and know their loved ones are cared for. Thank you Comfort Keepers for your generosity to the Bend community.